Hugh M. Smith, Ph.D.

Hardware and Software Intellectual Property Consultant/Expert Witness

Dr. Smith has been involved as an intellectual property consultant/expert in numerous technology based matters for over fifteen years. 

Intellectual Property consulting technical experience includes:  

  • Advanced telecommunication services including telephone and wireless networks

  • Cellular, WAN, LAN and WIFI Devices and Networks

  • TCP/IP including layer 2 and layer 3 devices, protocols and hardware and software implementations

  • Smart Phone hardware and software including Android applications, Framework, and Linux Kernel.

  • Global Position System (GPS) tracking devices

  • Software analysis including analyzing the software description (HDL) of chips used in networking devices

  • Web based technologies including web servers, load balancing, application servers and databases

  • Software and hardware analysis of Wide Area Networking technologies including IP, ATM and Frame Relay networks

  • Chip level analysis of high speed switching devices

  • Embeded systems such as cameras, cell phones and printers

  • Distrubuted systems including both hardware and software


Contact Information
     Office: 805-550-8023

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Contact Information
     Office: 805-550-8023